Traveloka Tet Stories

Directed by: Matt Dworzanczyk
Production Manager: Lam Duc Hanh
Original Music by: Petter Wahlback
Traveloka Exec. Producer: Ngo Huyen Chi

In this emotional photo & video campaign produced for Traveloka, a major Asian travel booking service, by our Etherium Sky team, we focus on themes of home, family, holidays and distance as we explore big and small stories of Vietnamese Tet Lunar New Year through the eyes of individuals from all around Vietnam and abroad!


‘The Story of Motherhood’

Mrs. Huong sacrificed a lot for her kids.  Nowadays, she only gets to see them once a year, for Tet.  We thought she deserved a little surprise.  Or a big one…  Watch the video till the end – we’re pretty sure you’ll be moved.

‘Life on a Boat’

Bay spent years working at sea – away from home, his wife and newborn baby.  We thought he & his family deserved a break.  Watch the video till the end for a cool little surprise!

‘Away from Home’

Minh, of the Black Thai Ethnicity, grew up in the remote mountains of Dien Bien Phu in North Vietnam.  She’s been independent since young age and today studies in Hanoi.  She’s far from home & misses her family – but is optimistic about having a bright future ahead.

‘Behind the Scenes in 360VR!’

Join our crew behind the scenes in 360VR for a glimpse at how the project was made!

Photo Stories

Check out these and other photo stories at or on our Etherium Sky facebook!

Production Stills

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