Through The Rainbow
(Qua Anh Cau Vong)

Produced for the 2011 Canon 48 Hour Film Project Hanoi
Directed & Produced by Matt Dworzanczyk
Co-Producer: Anemi Wick

Director of Photography: Vincent Baumont
Production Manager: Kim Hoai Nga
Production Design: Nguyen Thanh Son
Original Score by: Always.Gam (Stepher Hoang & Jamir Adiong)

Le Van Dung: Ho Hong Lam
Le Van Giang: Nguyen Thanh Son

– Best Cinematography  –
– Best Sound Design –
– Best Use of Prop –
– Best Art Direction –
– Best Musical Score –
– Best Makeup / Costumes –
– Best Poster  –

A lost and forgotten umbrella brings back the story of a close friendship in 50s Viet Nam.

The project screened at Megastar Cinemas in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City in 2011.


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