Vibrant Highland, Commercial Love

Directed & Produced by Matt Dworzańczyk
Associate Producer: Gerry Herman
Cinematography by Hoang Chaizee
Sound Editing: Hoang Thu Thuy & William Cox
Original Musical Score by: Josh Kopeček


“It’s a story of wild & exotic love.  It’s a story of tribal kings and opium trade.  It’s a story of kidnapping and loss.  It’s a story of sexual discovery, of spirits and magic.  It’s a story of government propaganda vs. the fascinating yet harrowing reality of the people.”

Far up in Vietnam’s remote mountains, once a year, a secretive Love Market is held.  Delving beyond the ambiguous myths, this unique, independently produced adventure documentary discovers a reality much more fascinating, even if painful, than the legends told.

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The film is non-commercial, was made with private funds and is available for viewing online, for free.  All funds raised will be put forward towards festival/contest fees as well as for upcoming projects, such as our mind-blowing 360VR Sci-Fi thriller/drama currently titled AndroidRed.  Any amount helps.  If you like the film, if you like our approach, if you want to see more fresh, unique productions – please, please make sure to donate!  More such films can only be made with your help!

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Original Soundtrack (YT Playlist):

The film had its world premiere at The World’s Independent Film Festival in San Francisco, USA, Sept 25-27 2015, where it was also recognized as BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE.

Since then we have screened in different countries worldwide, including Vietnam, Bangladesh, US, Germany, Poland and others.
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love market review
Early film review from The Word, Vietnam’s leading English language magazine:

Print Version
Online Version

You can find more information on our facebook or in our production blog:

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