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Every Day Little Things

Produced for VNUnique / VTV3
(Select Episodes) Production, Videography & Editing by Matt Dworzanczyk
Project completed in collaboration with Vincent Baumont & Isaak Le.

The series focuses on issues related to rapid development in Vietnam and people who implement unique initiatives to improve their community and their own lives in a sustainable/healthy or otherwise positive way.


From the production blog:

I found it both amusing and a bit scary to receive several documents outlining what the Communist Government is willing to deal with and what absolutely cannot be shown before we started production.  It might sound intense, but really we didn’t face any significant censorship issues throughout production.  We were however producing shows for a largely uneducated, agricultural audience in rural Vietnam for whom television plays a different role than it might to most westerners.  It might seem a bit ‘backwards’ but we were asked to chose simple topics and shoot them in a fairly traditional style, as opposed to creating something more visually and thematically challenging, which might not appeal to our audiences much.  Well, even with the very simple approach we took, I think our videos still significantly stand out (in a positive way) over typical VTV programming…


Select Episodes from the Series:

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