Simply said – Etherium Sky is a Film/TV production company.  Then again – perhaps “a worldwide, creative production foundry” reflects what we do in more accurate light!

We have produced international award-winning narratives as well as boundary-pushing documentaries with online following in the millions.  We have done commercial projects for world-famous companies & brands.

Occasionally, we also work with local businesses, NGOs and community events on a variety of projects.

We are selective about the work we take on and we focus on fun, exciting, unique and ethically responsible works.

We are primarily based in Hanoi (Viet Nam), but we’ve done a whole range of projects all over the world and are available for productions worldwide.


Matt Dworzanczyk

Born in then-communist Poland, educated in the heart of cinema industry in the USA, and in the recent years based in rapidly changing Vietnam, Matt is a truly international director and producer, with some hundred film, TV and video projects behind his belt.

“Marlin”, Matt’s first film – a short, dark fairy tale went on to win the “Excellence in Filmmaking” award at Canada Int’l Film Festival.

His eye-opening North Korea documentary, “DPRK: The Land of Whispers” has been seen by over 2.5 million people online, winning a number of awards including “Best Feature Film” at the Third World Indie Film Festival and attracting plenty of international controversy, even resulting in death threats from North Korea.

Matt’s most recent production of “Vibrant Highland, Commercial Love” continues to ruffle feathers as Matt manages to reach deeper than even mainstream int’l media, uncovering the conspiracy behind Vietnam’s secretive Love Market and discovering a fascinating even if often harrowing world behind the legends.

Matt was a participant in the project Market of Hanoi’s Int’l Film Festival (ran in cooperation with Berlinale) where he developed his feature screenplay for “Baby Blue Eyes”, a fantasy drama about an infertile couple raising a plastic baby doll, which was later shortlisted for participation in both Sundance Labs and the Screenwriting Market at Berlinale.

Some of the recurring themes in Matt’s works include childhoods, homosexuality, dreams, travel, social isolation, drugs and existentialism. He continues to explore those in his new feature screenplay, “Cripple Crows”, being written during Matt’s solo motorbike journey across the world, which he is currently undertaking.


We do two types of projects:

Work for hire:

We offer a full range of production services, primarily for narrative film/TV, but also for documentary/reality-type video projects.  We can take your project from early development and planning stages, through pre-production, principal photography and post up to its release.  We are also available for simple videography assignments.  For projects coming to shoot in Viet Nam from abroad, we can also assist as production fixers and we can help with travel/local arrangements.

We are selective of our projects and unlike most local companies, we prioritize quality.  Depending on project needs we bring on internationally experienced crew as well as local professionals and whenever feasible, we try to involve local communities in our productions as well.

Our own productions:

We think that for true filmmakers, the business aspect of the job is just a major pain.  We want to make money but we want to make films more.  And we want them seen.

DPRK: The Land of Whispers, our North Korea documentary was turned down by every single media/TV exec we approached with the project.  But we made it anyways – with basic resources, a one man crew and only our pocket money, despite death threats from the North Korean military and with distribution assistance from the Pirate Bay.  It turned out to be our most successful project, with over a million online views and recognition from several film festivals.

This is how Etherium Sky differs from other mainstream companies or producers – we don’t let our projects die or stall forever because of bureaucracy and lack of funds.  Also, we like to have our creative control.  If we fall in love with a project, we’ll make it, even if it means a financial loss.

But production is expensive – hence, we strongly depend on our viewers’ support.  Some of our projects are funded thanks to generous donations and crowd funding campaigns.  If you like our work, if you want to say thanks after having seen one of our recent, available for free, projects, or if you want to support one of our upcoming works, you can donate funds here.


We’ve worked on projects with no budget and we’ve worked on huge-budget, mainstream blockbusters.  Cost is difficult to estimate unless we know your specific needs.  Please contact us with your project details and we’ll be happy to send you a quote.